About Us

Peter Grunwell, an English native from Blackburn, has been involved for more than 30 years in the Game of Golf.

He is a British PGA professional and a member of the United States Golf Collectors Society. Peter loves the game and even more collecting golf books.

He is the expert in buying and selling fine & rare golf books. Peter has visited all important sales and auctions all over the world for over 30 years. His personal favorite authors are Darwin and Longhurst. Peter's no1 golf course is Royal Birkdale. He lives and works in England and Panama. 


David J. Hammond, a recently retired, but young, IT expert, having worked over seas for 20 years, is now back in his hometown of Ilkley in Yorkshire, where he will be watching his two young boys grow up. David's passion for collecting started 20 year's ago, his main interest's is golf course architecture, his formidable collection contains most of great architecture books, along with architecure his collection has many aspects. David is a member of Ilkley, Royal Dornoch and the St. Andrews Golf Club.

The “fine golf books” company is the result of playing the Game of Golf, their fascination of its history and the love of collecting. It's strength comes from Peter's collecting knowledge, David's fascination of the game, and all aspects it has to offer. The intention of the "fine golf books" business is not only to sell golfing titles but to advise and educate its clients into building a collection they will be sure to have pleasure from for many years.

How, Why and What to Collect.

Frequently asked questions.

I am new to the world of collecting, what should I collect?

Collecting golf memorabilia can be a fascinating educational hobby,try to avoid the most common mistakes of just buying something golfey because it is cheap, it is probably cheap for a reason. Take some time to decide what really inerests you. Major Championships? History? Autographs? A particular author? Flags? A particular subject like architecture? or Ladies Golf or Annuals, Magazines.. The list can go on and on, but selecting subjects and therefore defining ones collecting goals is a hugely important decision.

Why is this item £10 and this one £1000?

Prices of golf memorabilia vary hugley, it is easy to make a mistake on buying a low priced item and at the end of the day it is not a disaster, but making a mistake on a higher priced item can be very frustrating and expensive. Prices on golfing items vary just like other collecting areas. Generally scarcity, quailty and condition will determine the price of an item, if an item can be found on eBay 50 times over, then it is unlikely to demand a high price, if an item was last for sale 20 years ago with no records of any other ones coming to the market, then this is a premium item, and from a collecting point of view and likely investment point of view much more attractive.

Should I buy only expensive items?

No, you should collect items that you enjoy and fit into your collecting area of interest. In a particular area, there will be easy to find items and harder and more expensive ones, for example, collecting Open programmes or signatures of Open winners is a popular catergory of interest, make sure your autographs are authentic, the further one goes back the more challenging the task becomes, the searching can become a passion, and the eventual success in finding a rare programme or autograph emensely safisfiying, not to mention the pleasure one has of tracking down and then owning the item.