Boomer Library

Boomer Library

Percy Boomer is synonyms with his revolutionary classic "On Learning Golf" published in 1942, and recognised by the great players Hogan, Player, Watson...

On Learning Golf , was one of the most influential books of the 20th century, Boomer being voted  number one golf swing guru of all time by Sports Illustrated in 2005.

How did he gain this knowledge?  Leading golf instrutor, Dutch, Swiss and Belgian National Open Champion, advanced agronomist, architecture... what else made this man a visionary! see more,  Percy H. Boomer

Now for the first time the Boomer golf library, 30 plus years in the building, hidden away for 73 years,  the library is available, to view, admire and purchase....

Everybook has an 'Ex-libris Percy Boomer' bookplate containg the three signatures of Percy's grandchildren, this serves as definitive provenance.