Item #11044 Original art: unknown scene. George Houghton.
Original art: unknown scene

Original art: unknown scene

England: 1988. Original framed work, George Houghton famed for his golf addicts cartoon books and calendars. Also painted various landscape scenes. Signed and dedicated on rear.
Houghton served as a RAF officer in the Western Desert in World War II and later recounted his experiences in They Flew Through Sand (1943).
During the 1950s and 1960s, he published over 20 humorous books on golf. His books were highly popular and were said to be on every public library shelf in Australia.[1] In 1974, sales of his golf humor books reached 600,000 copies.[2]
His "Golf Addict" series with titles such as Golf Addict Visits the USA (1955), Golf Addict Invades Wales (1969) and Golf Addict in Gaucho Land (1970) describe his golfing experiences and encounters in the British Isles, Sweden, Japan, China, Russia, South America and the United States. He illustrated his books with his own cartoons.
Comedian Bob Hope contributed an introduction to his cartoon collection Addict in Bunkerland, as did Scottish golfer Ronnie Shade to his collection Golf Addicts Galore.
One reviewer said of him: "George Houghton's "Addict" is the "little man" of golf who likes to think himself, and is, the backbone of the game. Golf cuts us all down to size, and we realise that, on the links at any rate, we are all little men... "[3]
Houghton collaborated with Scotland's famous lady golfer Jessie Valentine to write a book with tips for amateurs Better Golf - Definitely! (1967).
He wrote one junior novel, Between the Red Lines (1949). Based on fact, it is the lively and often humorous story of a father and son who take a three-week walking holiday off the beaten track in England.[4]. very good. Item #11044


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